The word 'best' gets thrown out a lot these days as we obsessively rank just about everything in our lives.

The problem with the word is it is usually used so subjectively that it loses some of its meaning on occasion.

But when the website StadiumTalk decided to find the 'best high school for sports in each state', they kept their opinions out of it and went with cold hard facts.

They looked at the state and national championships won by the more than 37,000 high schools nationwide to determine their 50 selections.

In South Dakota, it's no contest.

Washington High School in Sioux Falls is the easy number-one choice for the Mount Rushmore State thanks to two things - longevity and football.

The school opened its doors in 1908, giving it 111 years of history to rack up titles at an impressive rate.

But it's the Warriors' dominance on the gridiron that got the attention of the people at StadiumTalk.

Washington's 42 state football championships aren't just the most in South Dakota history, they're the most in any state - ever.

The Warriors' 42 crowns (including six since 2009) are 10 more than the second-place school, Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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