Let's go back a bit, you and I. No, a little farther than that. Farther. A little more.

Ah, perfect.

It's springtime, 1951. Harry's in the White House, but there's some rumbling about 'I Like Ike'. Those Yankees are getting ready to have one whale of a decade in Major League Baseball. And for a lucky few, wow, check out that black and white TV!

And outside of Miller, South Dakota 20 folks gathered to solve a problem, a challenge.

They wanted essentially two things:

  1. An accredited education for the young 'uns and
  2. See those young 'uns mature in Christian character and stability during those all important High School years.

And so Sunshine Bible Academy was born.

Yes,as Sunshine Bible Academy states on its website, just like birth (and growth), there was some pain and trials, but in 1956 the first 4-year class of seventeen students graduated and today, all these years later, Sunshine Bible Academy (home of the Crusaders, thank you!) continues to thrive.

Sunshine Bible Academy just outside of Miller is the states oldest private High School (they're K-12). Here in Sioux Falls, the Sioux Falls Christian Schools were 'born' in 1958 (O'Gorman in 1961).

Take a tour of Sunshine Bible Academy with the video below and if you'd like to help South Dakota's oldest private High School you can get information here.

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