There is nothing more enjoyable on the dinner table than having a delightful golden brown crusty top and bottom biscuit that are wonderfully soft and flaky.

Did you know that there is actually a festival called the, "International Biscuit Festival?" The event takes place every year in Knoxville, Tennessee and has been drawing crowd of over 15,000 people every year since 2010.

These guys now their biscuits and they have recently been mentioning the place with the best biscuits in each state. They are featuring one state per week over 50 weeks.

Back in early August it was South Dakota's week and they say that you can find the best biscuit in South Dakota right here in Sioux Falls at the Queen City Bakery. Established in 2007, you’ll find everything from turnovers and cheesecake scones to quiche and Boston cream pie. So the next time you are in the downtown area, stop on by Queen City Bakery.

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