Depending on where you work, your co-workers (or at least certain ones) either make going to the office a walk in the park or a stroll through the gates of hell.

So which office environment do you work in?

It's gotten so bad that a recent Zippia survey found that more than half (57%) of workers in America have considered quitting their job because of a bad or difficult co-worker, and more than a quarter (29%) have followed through and resigned.

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Business solution company Brother has identified six different types of toxic co-workers as part of their report on 'The UK and US Cities with the Worst Co-workers (and how to deal with them)':

  • Workplace Gossip
  • Insincere Flatterer
  • Workplace Bully
  • Manipulator
  • Micro-Manager
  • Slacker

They've even put together a handy flow chart to identify each type of toxic co-worker.

Based on their rankings of the percentage of toxic co-workers in the U.S., we've got a pretty good group of employees in the Tri-State Area.

With a toxicity rate of just 31.63 percent, co-workers in South Dakota are the fifth best in America.

Minnesota isn't too far behind at 32 percent (seventh overall).

The Mount Rushmore and North Star States are among 12 with fewer than one-third of co-workers deemed 'toxic' in this study.


  1. Vermont - 26.63%
  2. Massachusetts - 29.02%
  3. Nebraska - 30.58%
  4. Virginia - 31.57%
  5. South Dakota - 31.63%
  6. Rhode Island - 31.87%
  7. Minnesota - 32.0%
  8. North Carolina - 32.30%
  9. Arkansas - 32.54%
  10. Indiana - 32.54%

Iowa fell just outside the top ten with a toxicity rate of 33.03 percent (13th overall).

As for the state with the highest percentage of toxic co-workers, Alaska was the most negative with nearly half of Tweets about colleagues containing negative sentiment.


  1. Alaska - 43.21%
  2. Wyoming - 39.5%
  3. Louisiana - 39.4%
  4. Oklahoma - 38.23%
  5. Nevada - 38.17%
  6. Mississippi - 37.67%
  7. Georgia - 37.35%
  8. Florida - 36.29%
  9. Michigan - 36.16%
  10. West Virginia - 36.14%

Mesa, Arizona (41.36%), Detroit (40.6%), and Tulsa, Oklahoma (39.0%) are the cities with the highest percentage of toxic co-workers.

El Paso, Texas (19.6%), Washington DC (24.72%), and San Francisco (27.32%) have the fewest.

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