According to the personal finance website WalletHub, when it comes to technical schools and community colleges, South Dakota is the best there is.

With it getting harder and harder for many to afford college, more and more students are instead opting for community college or technical school.

With the cost of college tuition out-pacing inflation, it's just fiscally impossible for some to go to college. Plus, let's face it - not everyone is cut out for college.

While at the same time, some sort of post-secondary training is still expected in most fields of work. That's when technical schools and community colleges come into play.

And when it comes to best bargains out there," South Dakota comes out on top, followed by Minnesota, Montana, Arkansas, and New York.

North Dakota finished #7, Wyoming #13, Nebraska #18, and Iowa #21. To read more on the report, go to the WalletHub website.

Source: WalletHub

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