Lately, I feel that Hot Chocolate Bombs have completely taken over my Instagram feed. I see them on almost every 'bloggers' Instagram feed I follow.

This made me curious as to what exactly they were and why they had become so popular online.

They appear to be these hard chocolate spheres that are filled with all the ingredients needed to make a classic hot chocolate.

You know the hot cocoa powder, marshmallows, and sprinkles.

However, the key ingredient that is needed to get the ingredients to blend together is the steamed milk.

With these 'bombs' the hot milk melts the outer chocolate shell to revile all the inside goodies that need to be mixed together.

These can be easy to make and are also great to get the whole family involved.

Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of watching the shell dissolve into the milk and then mixing the whole concoction together.

A recipe from Sugar Geek Show goes into great detail about how to make the bombs outer layer, ingredients, and how you can make various versions of this new take on a classic wintertime drink.

But if you wish to buy them locally which is always a great idea, hot chocolate bombs can also be found at Oh My Cupcakes! in four different unique flavors.

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