Billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has taken ownership of his new superyacht - and it's quite a sight. It has just arrived off shore of the United States in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and gawkers can't get enough. It's the world's largest sailing yacht with three massive masts.

But let's have a little fun since we can't afford such luxuries. What if...this superyacht was parked downtown Sioux Falls?

At a whopping 417 feet in length, it would stretch from the Washington Pavilion to the State Theatre.

The yacht's masts, at a height of 230 feet tall, would be the tallest structure in downtown Sioux Falls. Qwest Tower is only 174 feet tall and has 11 stories, and is the tallest building in the state of South Dakota. Fun fact: Previously the 202-foot Zip Feed Tower was the tallest building in Sioux Falls, as well as South Dakota.

The Bezos boat would not fit inside Howard Wood field. We'd need to extend the field by another 60 yards.

To see the boat in more detail, check out the youtube video below:

More fun facts about Jeff Bezos yacht:

Each presidential head on Mt. Rushmore measures roughly 60 feet meaning all 4 heads would fit in the Bezos yacht. Of course it would sink but still!

If you take two Boeing 737 Dreamliners and parked them tip to tail, you'd have the approximate size of Bezos' yacht. Wow!

The biblical account of Noah's Ark found in Genesis, measured the ark in cubits but would have come to about 450 feet, slightly longer than Bezos' superyacht. But the ark fit 2 of every living animal and Noah's entire family in the ark before the great flood.

Bezos' yacht costs a half-a-billion dollars to build.

If you parked 15 standard Winnebago's bumper-to-bumper, it would be about the same size as this yacht.

I have a decent fishing boat but it would take 28 of them to rival the length of the Bezos yacht.

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