Should young students be allowed to have access to cell phones while in a school classroom? That is a question that school boards across America are wrestling with. Are cellphones a distraction? Does social media influence young minds while in school if they have access to it?

One Minnesota middle school asked another question: What would happen if we banned cell phones from the students for the entire school day? It seems like a bold experiment but the results were quite surprising in this Maple Grove school.

Beginning last year, the principal, Patrick Smith, banned cell phone use for the entire school day. The teachers, board, and principal have now had some time to look at the results of the ban - and perhaps all schools should take a hard look.

According to Principal Smith, the kids are now more engaged, participate in class discussions, talk to each other in hallways, and are more attentive, according to news outlet CBS News Minnesota. Even bullying incidents and bad behavior are down.

"I believe the ban is game-changing and will have lasting impacts on our students for years to come." ~ Patrick Smith, Principal.

Of course, every classroom still has a phone in case of emergency and parent may still call the office to get in touch with their child.

Some Sioux Falls schools have a similar plan. Cell phones must stay in their locker but students may check their phones between classes. Not so much in Maple Grove, If, for any reason, a student is seen on their phone from 8:10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m., the phone is confiscated until the end of the school day.

It is worth taking note of the positives in the story and perhaps this truly is a game changer as Principal Smith asserts.

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