So I was perusing through some stuff (That's what I am, you see, a peruser) and I bumped into a story that took me by surprise... which is no surprise. A lot of things anymore take me by surprise.

I saw a story from the Associated Press that talked about how a high school out in Connecticut (yes, I had to look up how to spell Connecticut) had banned cell phones in classrooms back in December and... get ready for a shock... student grades went up and students were more focused in the classroom.


Now, back when I was in school (some years, uh, decades ago) we had texting, too... only we called it 'note passing' and it was banned from the get-go. And for those of us who didn't understand, it was made real clear to me... I mean, us... by about the third visit to the Principal's office.

But back to the original point (I tend to get distracted...look, there's a bird!). I guess it seemed to me just common sense that, yes, cell phones and smart phones and mobile devices (the tech folks here at the Radio Ranch cringe when I call mine 'the cordless) are banned in the classroom. So I have to ask you:

Are cell phones allowed in the classroom where your kids or grandkids go to school?

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