By virtue of being the most populated city in its state, Sioux Falls is in pretty select company - one of just 50 cities to claim that distinction.

But when you dive into the numbers a little deeper, you discover Sioux Falls is one of just a few cities in America to lay claim to one impressive statistic.

With the latest population bump pushing the population to 178,500 people, South Dakota's largest city is now one of only eight in the nation that make up more than 20 percent of its state's overall population.

The latest South Dakota census stands at 867,834, meaning Sioux Falls residents make up a whopping 20.56 percent of the state's population. Easy translation: One-of-every-five South Dakotans live in Sioux Falls.

That puts us in the same category as some pretty heavy hitters across the country:

  1. New York City (New York) - 43%
  2. Anchorage (Alaska) - 41%
  3. Albuquerque (New Mexico) - 27%
  4. Honolulu (Hawaii) - 26%
  5. Omaha (Nebraska) - 24%
  6. Las Vegas (Nevada) - 21%
  7. Chicago (Illinois) - 21%

So go ahead and gloat a little Sioux Falls.

We're kind of a big deal!

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