When a call came into the Sioux Falls Police about a report of two dogs being thrown into the Big Sioux River from a vehicle, social media went crazy with posts about the search.

The call was made to police at noon on Monday (April 1) and the reporting person also said the dogs were swimming to the river bank.

According to Police Information Officer Sam Clemens, Animal Control and police searched the entire area around 60th Street North near Ditch Road and didn’t find the dogs or confirmation that the incident had happened.

The caller was driving on I-90 and described the area to be the river west of Cliff Avenue.

Animal control contacted the Humane Society in the event the dogs would be taken in there. No one has called to report that the dogs belonged to them either.

The circumstances serve as a reminder that everything called into 911 may or may not be as it is first conveyed to police.  The details from a 911 call could be factual, or perhaps a misunderstanding, and may not be credible news until it is verified.

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