It's finally here. The fall equinox happened so it's ok to bring out the Oktoberfest beers and load up on firewood. The cooler temps are welcome after a few warmer-than-normal days in September and early October and we're nearing sweater weather.

When asked, more South Dakotans prefer fall as their favorite season. Followed by spring, summer, and winter. Sorry winter...but your like that one stay too long!

While we get our favorite hoodies ready for high school football and soccer, here's a few fun notes about Autumn:

Big tourism dollars are brought in states with tree-filled destinations and road trips. See South Dakota's here.

In Germany, the end of summer is called Harvest Season - not fall. We'll let this one slide, Germany if you keep the Oktoberfest beers coming in.

The changing color of leaves is due to cooler temperatures and less daylight. Thus sayeth the Farmer's Almanac.

The fall equinox will land on Sunday, September 22 of next year (2024)

Hang on! The Autumnal Equinox means that us the northern hemisphere will begin to slowly tip away from the sun. And we will keep tilting further away until December 21, the winter solstice!

Ready or not, fall is here. Back to school, chilly football games, Halloween candy on store shelves, and even winter coat displays in clothing stores. At least it's nice that the air-conditioner gets a break before the furnace comes back on for another winter.

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