If you enjoyed the movie 'Black Panther' and your heart is longing to go to the beloved fictional country of Wakanda, perhaps South Dakota can help. HotelScan.com reports searches are up 620% for Wakanda. The problem is, this place doesn't exist.

But Wakonda, South Dakota does.

Located in the south-east part of the Rushmore State, this lovely community (with plenty of super-heroes) boasts a hotel and bar, a popular Legion Hall, and plenty of tractors. Sure it’s one letter off of the Black Panther Wakanda, but our Wakonda, with a population of 316, features the Wakonda Hotel & Bar, I've enjoyed a few beers in 'The Pit' and they're nice and cold. Good menu and cozy beds make up the small-town charm. You can catch an auction down the road at Girard, and send a postcard to your friends from the post office that overlooks Ohio Street.

The quaint town has four impressive churches, as well.

So at this point, it looks like the closest you’re going to get to the fictional Wakanda, is to go to the very real Wakonda.

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