If anyone out there has a good YouTube idea, I'm all ears. I'll even agree to split all the proceeds 50/50 because apparently there's A LOT of money out there to be made.

Forbes is out with a list of YouTube's highest-earning stars - and, I need to get me one of those channels. Apparently, there's A LOT of money out there to be made.

Number-one on this year's list is a seven-year-old boy and his mom who review toys. According to Forbes, Ryan Toys Review earned $22 million last year and has 17 million followers. Ryan's videos have been views 26 billion times - BILLION!

Prankster Jake Paul is right behind, with $21.5 million in earnings. Sports video stars Dude Perfect are third with $20 million.

I really had no idea a person could make so much money by simply starting up a YouTube channel. I gotta get me one!

Now that I think about it, I do play the accordion (or, as my friends say, "claim" to play the accordion). Perhaps I should do that.

Then again, now that I think about it, I may want to reconsider and find something else. Any ideas?

Source: Forbes

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