Unfortunately, we live in a world filled full of a group of people who like nothing more than being total jerks. This type of behavior was on display again for everyone to see recently in downtown as two statues that are part of the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk were vandalized.

Dakota News Now is reporting that vandals were busy displaying their handy work earlier this week. The result ended up being thousands of dollars in damage in the end.

Sioux Falls Police Spokesperson Sam Clemens told Dakota News Now, one of the statues damaged during the recent bout of vandalism is named "Protection."

It sounds like Protection could have used a little extra protection as it was pushed over and completely destroyed. The "Protection" statue was located in front of Lucky's Bar and valued at $16,000.

The second statue receiving damage is located at 9th Street and Main Avenue. That statue titled "A day in the Park" also received extensive damage.

According to Dakota News Now, there is still no estimate available at this time as to the total damage of the second statue.

Sioux Falls police are now in the process of investigating the antics of the Sculpture Walk vandals. No arrests have been made yet.

If you have further information that can aid police in their search, you're asked to please contact CrimeStoppers of the Sioux Empire at 367-7007.

Source: Dakota News Now

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