When it comes to mandating all South Dakotan residents and businesses to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you can guarantee this won't happen under Governor Kristi Noem's administration.

The South Dakota Governor recently posted a video on her Governor Twitter account titled "The Truth on where I stand..."  In the four-minute video, Governor Noem highlights South Dakota's strong economy while emphasizing the state's strength is due to allowing businesses and business owners to maintain their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This then leads to the conversation about whether or not Governor Noem would comply if President Joe Biden requires vaccine mandates.  To no one's surprise, this is not in Governor Noem's plan.

Instead of mandating the COVID-19 vaccine in South Dakota, Governor Noem is encouraging people to get vaccinated because it's their choice and their choice alone.

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In the video, Governor Noem explains:

"Now, I have been vaccinated.  More than 60% of eligible South Dakotans have been vaccinated against the virus. And I'd encourage every South Dakotan to choose to get vaccinated if you want to.  But that's your choice and it should be your choice. Government should not be mandating it to you."

When it comes to mandating businesses and business owners to get vaccinated, Governor Noem is allowing them the "freedom" to decide what is best for their employees.  "Frankly, I don't think the businesses should be mandating that their employees get vaccinated either. And if they do mandate vaccines to their employees, they should be making religious and other exemptions available to them.  But I don't have the authority as Governor to tell them what to do," states Governor Noem.

Here are some responses to Governor Noem's video:

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