First of all, I want to say this is NOT me coming up with this list, so you can hold off on sending your hate mail my way.

Instead, you can send it to the creator of this video, Youtuber Luke Wenker.

But as for the substance of this article, let's fact check his "Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to South Dakota".

I do agree with #9 when it comes to low teacher pay and the correlation that has to our state being horrible at math and at time education as a whole. South Dakota needs to be better here.

At #4, he says the state is boring and I can't speak for "West River" because many "East River" folks would agree with him about that part of our state, but there is plenty of entertainment options in Sioux Falls and let's be honest, Sioux Falls is essentially South Dakota anyways. :)

And at #1, he finds that moving to South Dakota is a bad thing because of all the livestock we have in the state and open space that goes along with it. So next time he wants a steak, I hope all they have are vegetarian options.

I will add that with no state income tax, inexpensive housing, low unemployment rate, great quality of living, and low crime rates, we could easily counter act this list and come up with a Top 10 List of Reasons to Move to South Dakota.


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