You wouldn't think that this rather ordinary-looking brick and glass building tucked away in a parking lot in West Des Moines, Iowa is hiding a world record-setting item.

But it is.

This is Smash Park, a self-proclaimed place to play, eat, and drink. And while you're there check out 'Big Blue', the world's largest pickleball paddle.

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It measures 13.6 feet tall by 6.9 feet wide weighs and weighs in at 150 pounds, making it ten times bigger than a traditional pickleball paddle. The materials used to construct it would produce approximately 180 normal-sized pickleball paddles.

That's big enough for the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records, who officially recognized 'Big Blue' back in 2018.

The owners of Smash Park say they were inspired to create the larger-than-life paddle after seeing the world's largest tennis racquet (Jamaica, New York - 50 ft 3.07 in x 16 ft 8.6 in) and world's largest ping pong paddle (Columbus, Ohio - 11 ft 7.8 in x 6 ft 7.8 in). 

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