It's hard to imagine putting a positive spin on the staggering number of 748,841 motor vehicles stolen in the United States according to the most recent numbers.

But there is good news.

It's actually been worse. A lot worse.

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According to Value Penguin, the latest figures show a 55 percent decrease over the past thirty years, when 1.7 vehicles were swiped in 1991.

That doesn't mean there still isn't a significant impact on the economy with total losses pegged at $5.9 or $7,680 per incident.

In South Dakota, we aren't dealing with the fallout as badly as other states. The 1,524 vehicles taken were the fifth-least in the country. California leads all states with 155,211 stolen vehicles and the Golden State has four cities in the top ten places with the most car thefts per 100,00 people:

  1. Bakersfield, CA: 726.28
  2. Albuquerque, NM: 697.05
  3. St. Joseph, MO: 614.90
  4. Modesto, CA: 573.13
  5. Odessa, TX: 569.11
  6. Topeka, KS: 557.40
  7. Yuba City, CA: 546.01
  8. Merced, CA: 534.07
  9. Yakima, WA: 528.16
  10. Springfield, MO: 514.57

So which vehicles are the most popular among thieves:


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