A full moon will be lighting up the skies this weekend, February 8 - 9. But it's known by a much cooler name: Snow Moon. It's the first full moon in the month of February when the snow is the deepest. It was named by Native American tribes living in the United States.

It is also known as the Hunger Moon because it was difficult to gather food as winter roared on.

NASA says it officially qualifies as a "supermoon" - a phrase coined when "a full moon appears at perigee (the closest point to earth) and seems brighter and larger than a regular moon.

The best viewing will be at moonrise on February 8th and 9th.

But hold on aspiring astronomers. Are we going to be able to see it in Sioux Falls through clear skies? According to the National Weather Service, clouds are to roll on Saturday night bringing a chance of snow. How appropriate for the coming of the Snow Moon. A mostly cloudy Sunday will follow with additional chances of light snow.


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