Just make a sign.

Yup, that's right, make a sign that plainly asks what you would like to do while in traffic and hopefully someone will pay attention.

I know what you're thinking, we already have turn signals and other various ways of asking/letting people know what you want to do, but I think we all know that doesn't always work.

Then, I saw this video of a traffic jam in Los Angeles. A driver literally has a sign that says 'Please, Let Me In' and it worked!!

Then, they flipped the sign over and it said Thanks!

I can't be certain, but it almost looked like the driver has a whole stack of signs. You have to be ready for ever scenario, I suppose.

The person filming went from almost criticizing the driver using the signs to being impressed. I mean the proof is in the pudding, it worked!

I also like that they used their manners. Please and Thank You goes a long way.




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