This Beatles & Frank Ifield ‘On Stage’ album sold for a heavyweight price when the vinyl recently appeared for sale on eBay. The 10 day auction quickly started a bidding war, securing bids that took its .99 cent start price to $2500.00 in less than 90 minutes. It was all uphill from there, with the seller finally landing $22,268.68 for a record that was originally issued in 1964.

The featured songs ‘Please Please Me,’ Thank You Girl,’ ‘From Me To You,’ and ‘Ask Me Why’ were already in every fans collection, so when the label Vee Jay created ‘The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage’ record the label were trying to make it look as if they were offering the public something new.

Basically, Vee Jay was doing its best to cash in one last time on the recent success of the Beatles. Legal battles with Capital Records (who originally passed on signing them) found both companies in the courtroom fighting over who could issue what. The judge favored Vee Jay, allowing them to continue within the terms of the original contract but only for a brief time and this is when ‘On Stage’ re-appeared.

Frank Ifield was an easy listening and country music singer who had multiple hits in the early ‘60s. The label originally paired them by soliciting this collection as ‘Jolly What! England’s Greatest Recording Stars – The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage’ with a cover featuring an old British statesman wearing a Beatles wig. In Vee Jay’s fury to re-release the songs, the cover was changed to what is now known as the ‘portrait cover’ but apparently only 100 copies made it to the record stores.

This copy still in its shrink wrap has no sign of wear whatsoever, the corners are sharp and the back is crispy white. The seal is broken but the record within is described as “near mint” and the Vee-Jay rainbow label and custom inner sleeve are completely intact.

The seller, who's written multiple Beatles records and memorabilia reference-price guides, is recognized as a leading authority on Beatles collecting, giving this item additional credibility.