What makes a good dive bar? Stiff drinks? Awesome specials? No fancy cocktails, just beer, and liquors? Well, the guys over at Thrillist has come up with "The 33 Best Dive Bars in America" and one of them can be found right here in South Dakota.

The article says that the "IceHouse" in Yankton, South Dakota is one of the best dive bars in the country. Back in 2015, this popular dive bar was named best in the state and now the 33 best in America. The publication says:

South Dakota's not hurting for dive bars, especially joints like The Dungeon open for the Sturgis Rally. But none is more iconic and magical than the Ice House, formerly the Pure Ice Company. While most bars keep their patrons' legacies alive via names carved in tables and a printout of people banned from entry, Ice House's legacy lives in the form of thousands and thousands of bottles shattered underneath the loading dock. The bartender will even bring buckets of bottles to your car so you can gaze at the beautiful Missouri River from the hood of your pickup before adding to the jagged pile yourself.

The Icehouse was originally opened up as an ice plant in 1928. The people who own it lost their financing so Iner Anderson, took over the building and turned it into the Pure Ice Company. Then in 1933, Iner Anderson received a beer license when prohibition ended and the place has served chilled beer ever since. So the next time you are down in the Yankton area, swing on over to the Icehouse and grab yourself a cold one!


The place has served chilled beer ever since.

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