It doesn't seem that long ago that we would grab a newspaper on Thanksgiving day to read the Black Friday ads after dinner to decide if it was worth fighting the crowds early the next morning to get something we needed or wanted to give as a gift.

Then retailers flipped the game on us by 'leaking' deals online a couple of days early and opening even earlier (like Thanksgiving day!)

Well the game has changed yet again as both Target and Best Buy have released their Black Friday deals now (November 11) and it's a 'late' Thanksgiving with it falling on the 27th. So over two WEEKS early, you can already plan on lining up (like two crazy ladies are already doing in California!)

Both retailers showed off their latest deals on their respective websites on Tuesday, with Best Buy advertising a 50-inch Panasonic LED HDTV for only $199.99, while Target is offering a 39-inch Vizio LED HDTV for $130 off its usual price as special "doorbuster" deals available only in stores.

Both retailers are also advertising deals on iPads, Beats headphones, Blu-ray discs and video games.

And since they were beat to the punch, Walmart decided to roll out their Black Friday ads today (Wednesday November 12)

You won't actually have to wait until Black Friday to start shopping. Both stores are opening on Thanksgiving night, with Best Buy opening at 5 p.m. local time, while Target follows an hour later.

Meanwhile, Adobe Systems Inc. has tracked the best day to get the best deals and they say it ISN'T Black Friday, but the Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving! Their data comes from one TRILLION visits to 4500 retailers websites since 2008.

And The Wall Street Journal is actually tracking 10 popular holiday gift items online this year. This "Christmas Sale Tracker" will collect prices once an hour from now through December 31st to determine the best times to buy each product.

The 'Christmas Sale Tracker' can be seen here.

Are you a Black Friday shopper?