None of us need to be reminded just how hard the past year has been.

COVID-19 has not only turned the world upside down but it has made it nearly impossible for many of us to keep from reverting to some of our old vices.

StudyFinds is sharing the results of a OnePoll survey for Vagaro that found that nearly half of us (46%) have let ourselves go during the pandemic, avoiding makeup and facial grooming while falling back into bad habits like unhealthy eating, drinking too much, and smoking.

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Weight gain has been the most widely reported consequence of dealing with coronavirus, with an average gain of about 17 pounds.

So now the process of redemption begins.

That same survey says that two-thirds of Americans are now shifting their focus to trying to get their lives back to pre-pandemic norms in terms of physical and mental health.

Optimism is the key on the road back and more than 60 percent of those surveyed say they believe will end before 2022, while another 47 percent say they feel like they’re in a better mental and emotional space than they were a year ago.

The number one thing most of us are seeking as we move forward is better health (52%), with increased self-confidence (48%), and better self-acceptance (46%) not far behind.

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