(NPN) – South Dakota is one of the few states that has no statewide ban or fine for texting while driving, according to a recent survey of state laws by Mother Jones magazine.
However, some South Dakota communities like Sioux Falls have anti-texting ordinances, while some states also have local bans.
South Dakota joins only Montana, South Carolina and Arizona with no state law bans of any sort against texting.
Regional states with state law bans, according to Mother Jones, are: Iowa, $30 maximum fine; Wyoming, $75 fine; North Dakota, $100 fine; and Minnesota, $135 fine. Nebraska has a $200 fine but only as a secondary offense if pulled over for other traffic infractions.
New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana only ban new drivers from texting while Missouri only bans bus drivers from texting. Texas state law bans both new drivers and bus drivers from texting, according to Mother Jones. 
Alaska has the highest maximum fine, according to Mother Jones, a whopping m $10,000. The next highest state—Utah—has a maximum of $750, followed by Oregon and Indiana at $500 and Wisconsin, Minnesota and New Jersey at a $400 maximum.
On the other end of the scale, according to Mother Jones, California has a maximum of $20, following by Alabama and Kentucky at $25, Florida and Iowa at $30 and Nevada at $50.
According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, texting is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
says texting causes 3,000 deaths and 330,000 injuries per year.

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