An argument turned into a two-on-one with a knife doing significant damage near the Sioux Falls Public Library Downtown location.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says it happened around 5:45 PM on Saturday as the victim was seeking help.

“We had an officer that was driving near the Downtown Library and a guy flagged the officer down. (The victim) had been stabbed in the arm. There was a trail of blood on the sidewalk. The officers followed it and it led to a woman that was seated in one of the outside alcoves.

This woman was also injured, but detectives looked at the outdoor footage and Clemens gives details on what happened.

“Our victim came up to this woman and something happened between the two of them. A knife came out and the woman took the knife and stabbed the victim several times. There was another guy that was there when this happened and he held the victim down.”

The victim was treated at the hospital for his injuries. Additionally, the woman was injured and required medical attention but was taken into custody after being released.

Police arrested the 36-year old woman after her release for aggravated assault. A few hours later, police also arrested a 28-year old man of Sioux Falls who allegedly held the victim down for aggravated assault. Both are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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