Ever wonder which states simply drink way too much? Me too! So cheers to 24/7 WallSt for analyzing drinking rates, the number of bars per capita, and driving deaths involving alcohol to determine the drunkest and driest cities in the U.S. and it looks like the upper midwest will take the foamy gold medal on this one.

Fargo ranked #5. I guess that's because of the fear of wood chippers. Wisconsin definitely looks like the party capitol taking the first four spots on the list. It would also explain why Wisconsin residents can't spell Wisconsin.

Thankfully, Sioux Falls does not make the list.

Drunkest Cities:

  1. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  2. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  3. Appleton, Wisconsin
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Fargo, North Dakota
  6. Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  7. Missoula, Montana
  8. Grand Forks, North Dakota
  9. Wausau, Wisconsin
  10. La Crosse, Wisconsin

Driest Cities:

  1. Provo, Utah
  2. St. George, Utah
  3. Beckley, West Virginia
  4. Jackson, Tennessee
  5. Charleston, West Virginia
  6. Logan, Utah
  7. Morristown, Tennessee
  8. Parkersburg, West Virginia
  9. Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  10. Cleveland, Tennessee

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