Tis the season for Halloween hi-jinks. Though somebody’s conscience or restless spirits prompted someone to unload the stolen goods.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says a homeowner in the 900 block of North Dubuque Avenue heard a sound and discovered the stash.

“Somebody had called in and said they had some Halloween decorations had been stolen and we realized that one of those pieces matched up with that. (Detectives) were able to determine there were five different homes that had decorations stolen from them. That and a whole lot of others ended up on this guy’s lawn.”

Clemens encourages people who may have missing outdoor decor to check with police to see if it’s part of the pile.

“The officers took all of those decorations and we’re trying to get a hold of the owners. There’s probably some people that have made reports about stolen Halloween decorations. We’ve got a lot of them that were recovered.”

There was a wide array of different items left in the heap including jack-o-lantern faces, power cords, spiders, Halloween signs and scarecrows.

Police don’t have any leads in this case but are continuing their mission to uncover who is behind this Halloween caper.


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