Steven Tyler is proud that Hawaii has passed a privacy bill he proposed. The Steven Tyler Act, which cleared the state legislature Tuesday, protects celebrities from paparazzi, giving them the right to sue over unwanted photos and recordings taken of them on the islands. Tyler, who has a home on Maui, says, "[In Hawaii], they are allowed in with their lenses and they get the most intimate of shots, which is what they are really looking for to make money. Not on my watch! It's really about privacy at its upmost -- when you're inside and the doors are closed… They chase my kids and get in the way of traffic. We almost got in an accident. They're just looking for a taste of blood. They're not gonna get it."

Many rockers live or spend time in Hawaii and also gave testimony in favor of the proposed legislation. The list also includes Graham Nash, David Crosby, Neil Young, Michael McDonald, Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, John McVie and Sammy Hagar.