Despite surpassing 1,000 total cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the state this week, a large portion of South Dakotans say they're not overly concerned by the global pandemic.

The website House Method has issued the numbers from its national coronavirus survey of more than 1,800 people and the responses show that folks in the Mount Rushmore State join those in Iowa, Kentucky, Montana, and Oklahoma as having the least amount of COVID-19 related worry - an average of four on a scale from one to ten. Alaska, Arkansas, and Indiana are on the other end of the spectrum with a worry level of eight.

The national average is six.

Working from home
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Home Method also asked people about working from home during the coronavirus outbreak and found that just about two-thirds of those surveyed were doing their jobs remotely for the time being. Better than 95 percent said they supported their company's decision to close their offices.

When it came to working from home, just over 86 percent said they enjoyed it, even though more than 67 percent confirmed that they were less productive than when they were at the office.

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