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'92,000 KM to Wall Drug' Seen Written on Ukrainian Artillery Shell

Do you want to be a part of the war in Ukraine in a novel way? Some folks in the war are selling space on the sides artillery shells. And someone took the opportunity to show off the South Dakota sense of humor.

Through a Telegram account, people can buy the chance to have a message written on a Ukrainian artillery shell, and the Ukrainian military will use that shell. The money spent will then be donated to the troops.

"Yeah it’s a real thing,” according to a customer and reported by Motherboard. “If you donate you can get your message on an artillery shell."

Messages on Artillery Shells For Donations to Ukraine

The person who started the whole thing is a 20-year-old student studying IT. He started out helping make supplies for the fighting but then turned his tech skills to raise funds for the war.

“At the begging of the war I wasn’t doing anything and it kept bugging me,” the creator told Motherboard. “I found a volunteer center where I could help with making Molotov cocktails. That was a useless job because their expiration time was one to two days and we were making 1,600 cocktails a day.”

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All the donations "...will be spent on equipment for our soldiers" they said. So far they have bought day-to-day supplies ask well as vehicles to move wonder troops from the front line. Prices start at $40.

"92,000 KM to Wall Drug"

From all accounts it's a real thing, in fact, someone on Reddit posted a picture of a shell with the message they'd requested:

That's a sign you wouldn't want to see in a field.

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