As the prospects of owning a traditional home continue to dwindle for more and more Americans during challenging economic times, many are looking at a very specific type of dwelling to make their dreams of homeownership become reality.

And South Dakota is one of the most affordable places in America to make it happen.

Using numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, Lending Tree discovered that mobile homes are priced far below the average single-family dwelling across the country, making it the ideal choice to own, especially for lower-income families.

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According to the data, South Dakota's mobile home market is the eighth cheapest in America.

In fact, the average mobile home in the Mount Rushmore State is $31,100, which is more than $150,000 less than the median price of a traditional single-family home in the state ($185,000).

At last count, South Dakota had 32,717 mobile homes, which represents 8.3% of the total housing stock in the state.


  1. Nebraska - $21,800
  2. Iowa - $23,300
  3. Ohio - $24,900
  4. Kansas - $25,400
  5. Indiana - $29,200
  6. Wisconsin - $29,600
  7. Illinois - $30,600
  8. South Dakota - $31,100
  9. Minnesota - $31,200
  10. Michigan - $32,400

Every single state in the top ten saw a more than $100,000 difference in prices between mobile and traditional homes.

In two states outside of the top ten, New Jersey and Utah, the difference was about $300,000.

According to the latest figures, Florida has the most mobile homes (841,439), followed by Texas (795,015).

South Carolina has the highest percentage of mobile homes at 16.5 percent, with West Virginia in second with 15 percent.


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