UFOs and aliens are hot trending topics as of late. It started with a high-ranking pentagon official saying that the United States military most definitely has a craft of "non-human origin" in its possession.

Then, days later, a Las Vegas police officer bodycam video went viral showing a mysterious blue light falling and appearing to crash in the background. Minutes later, a 911 call came in from a nearby resident reporting a pair of "8 foot beings" in his backyard. The reporting party said that "they were definitely not human."

It's kind of like the movie 'Signs' coming to real-life if the reports are accurate.

If you believe there is at least some measure of accuracy to these reports and have a feeling that there is life out there, then the latest report from the New York Post may be of some interest.

According to NJcasino.com, they've used data such as "population density, number of UFO sightings, landscape, and defense (per capita military or law enforcement) and came up with a "survivability score" for every state. In this report, it appears South Dakota is not the greatest state to be in during an alien invasion. In fact, the Rushmore State ranked only the 40th safest in the nation!

Virginia topped the list as the most prepared place to ride out an alien invasion. Maybe because "Virginia is for Lovers" and you won't notice them while doing the humpty with yer gal on a haybale.

Oddly enough, Nevada ranked the lowest. Which is ironic since several of the most recent UFO sightings are in Nevada.

Until I see little green men or 8 foot tall beings in my backyard, I'm not panicking. But I think I will dust off that old 'Signs' DVD just in case.

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