Dating is not easy. In our state it's harder than average. But at least it's cheap!

Wallethub did a number crunching study where they factored in a whole bunch of criteria into three rankings: dating opportunity, dating economics, and romance and fun. Those were combined into an overall score to see which states were the best and worst for dating.

Out of the fifty states, South Dakota ranked 39th. We were mostly taken down by our next to last place ranking for dating opportunities. Only North Dakota and its oil fields full of dudes were worse off than the 605.

On the bright side, we came in at #1 in the dating economics ranking. So what that means is that while it's harder to find someone here, you can spend a lot less money on the wining, dining, and other fun.

As far as romance and fun we were mediocre, ranking at #29.

Overall in our neighboring states, Minnesota came out the best at #12, Iowa was #26, and Nebraska was #35.

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