All of us that live in South Dakota know how inexpensive the cost of living is comparable to much of the United States and that holds true apparently when you are going on a date.

In a recent study, South Dakota ranks as the fourth cheapest state to go on a date.

The website recently compiled the data on multiple aspects of going on a date from cost of entertainment to gas to even the tax rate.

Here's their findings:

4. South Dakota
> Average cost of dinner, drinks, and movie: $97.14 (4th lowest)
> Combined average tax rate: 6.40% (20th lowest)
> Price of regular gasoline as of Aug. 6, 2019: $2.69 (24th highest)
> Arts, entertainment, and recreation establishments: 80 per 100,000 people

Some of the other states regionally made the top of the list, including Nebraska at #5 and Wisconsin at #1.

So the next time you hear someone say you are a cheap date, just respond by saying "Yes, I am, because I live in the great state of South Dakota."


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