Each and every year there is a whole new crop of college graduates launched into the 'real world', whether they're ready for it or not.

Getting that degree is the first challenge. Finding the right place to put it to use can be a bit tricker.

Recently, Insights by Lensa looked at job opportunities, income, cost of living, and unemployment levels in all 50 states to determine which are the best landing spots for recent grads.

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It turns out, South Dakota is in the top ten.

The Mount Rushmore State was number eight overall thanks to 85 job openings per 100,000 people, a $62,446 annual income, 2.9 percent unemployment rate, and a score of 99 on the cost of living index.


  1. Minnesota
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Nebraska
  4. Iowa
  5. North Dakota
  6. Kansas
  7. Utah
  8. South Dakota
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Vermont

Our neighbors to the east, Minnesota, are top dogs thanks to the most open entry-level vacancies (200) for graduates per 100,000 people.

When it came to cities that were ideal for college grads, some of America's biggest metro areas were the top choices.

Orlando has the third-highest number of job opportunities, one of the lowest unemployment rates, and more restaurants and attractions than any other U.S. city.


  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. St. Louis, Missouri
  3. Atlanta, Georgia
  4. Richmond, Virginia
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. Tampa, Florida
  7. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  8. Miami, Florida
  9. Rochester, New York
  10. San Francisco, California

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