Despite some treacherous conditions to deal with in the winter, the Tri-State area is one of the top driving spots in America.

Mechanic Base, with help from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, has compared things like road quality, snowfall amounts, highway fatality rates, and commute times to find the states with the best driving conditions in the country.

On their list, 'Uncovering America's Driving Paradises and Nightmares for 2023', South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota have all landed in the Top 20, thanks to lots of wide open spaces, a solid infrastructure, and a lack of traffic.


The North Star State is the best of the bunch locally at number ten overall in America.

Minnesota ranks highly in two key categories with the fourth lowest highway fatality rate and the tenth (tied) best acceptable roads (91%). That's offset a bit by the ninth-highest average snowfall in the U.S. (37.8 inches)


  1. Utah
  2. Nevada
  3. Hawaii
  4. Nebraska
  5. North Dakota
  6. Arizona
  7. Idaho
  8. Kansas
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Minnesota

South Dakota landed just outside the Top Ten at number 13 overall.

The Mount Rushmore State benefits from the shortest average commute time in America (17 minutes). The state's acceptable road area is tied for the 20th best, but the highway fatality rate is tied for the 17th highest.

Iowa is the 16th best place to drive in America.

Like Minnesota, the Hawkeye State is tied for tenth in the percentage of acceptable roads (91%). Iowa also has the seventh shortest (tied) average commute time (20 minutes) and the 20th lowest highway fatality rate.


  1. New York
  2. Rhode Island
  3. West Virginia
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Mississippi
  6. Illinois
  7. Louisiana
  8. New Jersey
  9. Maine
  10. Arkansas

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