Cities With Most DUIs
While South Dakota's fight against meth use continues to grab national headlines, the state is facing another deadly dilemma.
The Mount Rushmore State trails only Wyoming in a study of the states with the worst problems with drunk drivers.
According to 2018 figures, there were 5,891 DUI arrests in South Dakota, 32nd most in America.
But broken down per 1,000 people puts the state much higher on the list.
The 721.93 arrests per 1,000 people are the highest in the USA. South Dakota's DUI 45 fatalities made up 35 percent of total traffic deaths in the state, which is the fifth-highest rate in America and represented a 25 percent increase from the previous year, which is tied for fourth-worst with Minnesota.
The Mount Rushmore State's 5.10 DUI deaths per 1,000 people is the sixth highest rate in the country.
Drunk Driving By State

Overall, the study found that The north-central region (South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana) is by far the worst area for drunk driving in the United States.

The south is the deadliest region for drunk driving with seven of the 12 states with the highest DUI death rates belong to the region (South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina).States in the northeast and midwest have the least severe problem with drunk driving.

Across the country last year, nearly 30 percent of total motor vehicle fatalities were DUI related. That is the lowest percentage of alcohol-related deaths since the reporting of alcohol data began in 1982.

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