With Tax Day just a week away, you may be looking for some good news as you brace yourself for the prospect of having to cut a sizeable check to Uncle Sam.

If you’re a South Dakota taxpayer that silver lining comes from the Mount Rushmore State’s favorable tax burden, one of the ten lowest in the nation, according to WalletHub.

At 7.28 percent, South Dakota’s tax burden is 42nd overall, thanks in large part to our lack of state income tax.

That helps offset South Dakota sales tax and property tax levels that are actually in the highest 50 percent in America.

South Dakota’s 2.87 percent property tax burden is 23rd highest in the U.S., while the 4.41 percent sales and excise tax burden ranks a whopping ninth.

Not surprisingly, five of the other states with the lowest tax burdens (Alaska, Tennessee, Florida, New Hampshire, and Wyoming) have no state income tax:

  • Alaska 5.10%
  • Delaware 5.55%
  • Tennessee 6.28%
  • Florida 6.56%
  • New Hampshire 6.86%
  • Oklahoma 7.12%
  • Montana 7.27%
  • South Dakota 7.28%
  • Alabama 7.28%
  • Wyoming 7.51%

If you’re looking to avoid states with the highest tax burdens in America, stay out of the Northeast, although two of South Dakota’s neighboring states also made the biggest burden list:

  • New York 12.97%
  • Hawaii 11.71%
  • Maine 10.84%
  • Vermont 10.77%
  • Minnesota 10.25%
  • Rhode Island 10.20%
  • New Jersey 9.86%
  • Connecticut 9.70%
  • Illinois 9.67%
  • Iowa 9.49%

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