South Dakota has some pretty sweet lakes and a wide river running through it but did you know that we actually have more shoreline than Florida? That's okay...I didn't believe it either at first. But considering we've got the Mighty 'Mo and a network of tributaries leading to it, the Rushmore State actually has more shoreland than Florida!

Think about this: Lake Oahe alone is a 230-mile-long reservoir. According to World Atlas, South Dakota might be located smack in the center of the US, but it still has more miles of shore than the beachcombers' state. Although it's important to note that Florida has the longest coastline - about 1,350 miles worth - and South Dakota is landlocked so they got us there.

But this also means we've got great fishing with plenty of shorelands and lakeside camping.

However, it's hard to beat Alaska. They take the top prize for the most shoreline with a whopping 33,904 miles - more than all the other states combined.

Our neighboring state of Minnesota has us beat, too. The 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' has the most shoreline of any other of the lower 48 states with almost 90,000 miles of freshwater shoreline, according to It's insane to think Minnesota has more shoreline than California! This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.

If you're looking to reserve some sweet shoreline camping spots this summer, the time to reserve that special spot is now. Go to South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks reservation page.

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