The history of our society in relation to the treatment of veterans has not always been stellar. Military veterans returning from active duty tours in faraway areas of the globe, as well as military personnel serving stateside, have sometimes found support lacking.

But there is good news for veterans here in South Dakota. According to a report from CNBC citing information from the financial website Smart Assets, South Dakota is the best state for veterans to live and work.

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The statistics that led them to this conclusion were compiled after considering a wide array of situations affecting veterans, such as; the number of VA health and benefits administration facilities per 100,000 veterans, taxes on military pensions, housing costs, veteran unemployment rates, number of veteran-owned businesses, and more.

Here are the closer details:

  • Veterans as a percent of the population: 8.55%
  • Median veteran income: $42,196 per year
  • Housing costs as a percent of median veteran income: 23.89%
  • Share of veteran-owned businesses: 10.45%
  • VA Health facilities per 100,000 veterans: 21.04
  • Veteran poverty rate: 6.6%

Additionally, ...states offer their own benefits to service members that can help them maintain financial stability through economic turbulence, including tax exemptions on property or military pensions; homebuying assistance programs; lower tuition rates for college; and grants to cover living costs.- - CNBC

The most popular benefit offered to "active duty military members and Veterans who meet service qualifications" is the Bonus program.

More information for veterans and everyone else can be found at CNBC Make It, Smart Assets, and the South Dakota Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Sources: CNBC, Smart Assets, and SD Department of Veteran's Affairs

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