You would think by now, that we would be used to our state and cities getting positive attention. But the truth is, getting kudos for being a place with great attributes and opportunities, doesn't really ever get old!

Who is sitting at the top of WalletHub's latest study of the Best & Worst States for Jobs in 2021? South Dakota, that's who!

To come to this conclusion, once again, those number crunchers at WalletHub used a variety of criteria to compare all 50 states.

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The two key dimensions they looked at were A) Job Market and B) Economic Environment.

Included under the first section was; job opportunities, employment growth, unemployment & underemployment rates, variety of industries, risk of job loss to automation, job satisfaction, access to employer-based retirement programs and benefits, and worker protection, among others.

Economic Environment statistics were gathered by considering; salaries - both annual and median, length of the workweek, number of workers with multiple jobs and/or living in poverty, commute times, tax burdens, number of working parents, and more.

Not only did South Dakota land at the top of the list, but the reason it got there also becomes clearer when looking at where it placed in certain individual sections.

For instance, when it comes to finding a job in South Dakota:

  • Employment Growth - 1st
  • Average Commute Time (in minutes) - 1st
  • COVID-19 Positive Tests in the past week per capita - 4th
  • Job Opportunities - 5th
  • Unemployment Rate - 5th

There are a couple of areas where we didn't do so well and for most employees, they are pretty important. When it came to income and job satisfaction South Dakota is seriously lacking.

But as they say, (whoever "they" are) "You can't have everything!"

You can see the complete report at WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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