What South Dakota town can boast having a rodeo that's run for 50 years and also home to a United States Astronaut?  Scotland, South Dakota, today's small town of the day.

Scotland might be what some would call a 'destination town.' If you don't have a reason to go there, you might not pass through.

I happen to have relatives living in Tyndall, so many times we'll cut through Scotland on the way. They have a neat little gas station across from the high school that we stop at quite often. I believe it's called the Scottie Stop.

So how did they come up with the name Scotland? Seems a group of Scottish immigrants got together and decided it would be nice to name the town after the homeland.

It wasn't until my friends John and Andy took me fishing to Lake Henry that I even knew they had an awesome little lake close to town. If you ever get a chance to fish there, make sure you motor on over to the spillway area. The look over the spillway to the east is quite a view.

Oh, and I mentioned a rodeo and an astronaut didn't I?  Scotland is home this weekend to the 50th Annual Scottie Stamped Rodeo. They have ton of activities planned including a street dance Saturday night August 8th with The Lugnuts.

And Charles D. Gemar is originally from Scotland, SD. He was aboard 3 Space Shuttle Missions.

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Thanks to Pam Godlevsky of Scotland. She had some great additions!

You missed quite a few things about Scotland...we have a fully accredited nursing home, a clinic and hospital with 3 amazing providers, a pharmacy...an ethanol plant, a concrete artisan, many youth athletic teams, a VFW post, a bowling alley with 4 lanes, a flower shop, a hardware store, wonderful churches and pastors, 3 gas stations, and a community who is always there for each other in times of need....plus an amazing rodeo every year!!!! Its home!



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