If you encounter potholes on the roads in Sioux Falls, Gaylynn Huber of Sioux Falls Streets encourages you to call the Pothole Hotline!

"The number is 367-8002. If you go to the city's web page and look for potholes, you can report it there. You can also call us directly at 367-8255. Right now, the Sioux Falls Street Department has five crews filling potholes all around the city. We will continue to run the five crews even if we don't get reports of potholes. We are breaking up the town in five sections and are going after the holes we see in the city streets."

Huber says crews will be sent out to repair the potholes that are reported as quickly as possible.

"Usually on Monday morning, we are inundated with quite a few calls from the weekend. Last Monday we had about 60 calls on our phone. We try to get to the streets within 24 hours. That's what we like to do!"

Once again, if you know of a pothole, take the time and report it!

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