It was a big weekend for Sioux Falls. Music was alive at Levitt at the Falls, water was splashing at local pools helping residents beat the summertime heat, and a new restaurant made its grand debut.

The Flying Santo Taco Bar is the newest and spiciest restaurant in Sioux Falls to offer delicious Mexican cuisine. This local establishment officially opened in downtown Sioux Falls this past Friday. There was a fabulous fiesta downtown to welcome the Flying Santo Taco Bar which included a 16-by-16 foot wrestling ring with real "Luchadores" (Mexican wrestlers). The fights were so intense that even Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken had to step into the ring.

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According to Mayor TenHaken's Facebook page, one Sioux Falls resident was really talking "smack" about the potholes throughout Sioux Falls. How did Mayor TenHaken react? any mayor would do, he defended his policies regarding pothole management to his critics and by defending, I mean throwing someone out of the ring.

Mayor TenHaken shared a video and a photo on his Instagram page stating in big letters, "NO ONE TALKS SMACK ABOUT POTHOLES IN MY CITY!! #PeoplesChamp.”

Paul TenHaken (via Instagram screenshot)
Paul TenHaken (via Instagram screenshot)

I think it's safe to say that neither the Mayor nor citizens were harmed in the making of this video. However, potholes are always a topic of discussion throughout Sioux Falls.

So what can you do if you see a pothole in Sioux Falls?

Well, it’s pretty easy! You can actually report identified potholes by calling the Pothole Hotline. You can also download the City of Sioux Falls' app and report the potholes by clicking here.

If I were you, I certainly wouldn't want to have a discussion with Mayor TenHaken about potholes. You just may get tossed. Do your part to help our city...and our tires.


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