While driving to lunch at Ruby Tuesday last week, our lunch crew all started laughing at the same time. We all noticed the blunt but true sign along Louise/Carolyn Avenue. "Potholes Suck. Drink Beer."

Thank you Lupulin. Truer words were never put on a sign for our enjoyment.

Danny V, Townsquare Media
Danny V, Townsquare Media

The pothole problem in our city is a major one this year. The extreme weather with fluctuating temperatures, humongous amounts of snow, and constant refreezing led to road and parking lots getting beat up - badly. Most residents will tell you it's the worst we've seen in Sioux Falls...ever.

The good news is that road crews have been out filling in and repairing the worst of the deep offenders. But the city crews need to know where they are located so we've got a local pothole hotline that we can call. The number is 605-367-8002.

Until the Sioux Falls potholes are all filled and repaired, perhaps Lupulin Brewing is spot on. Potholes Suck. Drink Beer.

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