When you are a dog owner, your four-legged friend isn't a pet, it's family.

And just like any member of the family, you want to include them in almost everything you do, including dining out.

Sometimes finding an eatery that will allow you to bring along your canine companion can be a challenge, but one Sioux Falls restaurant is among the best places in the country for dining with your dog.

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Josiah's Coffeehouse and Bakery
Dakota News Now (with permission)

Josiah's Coffeehouse and Cafe, on West 12th Street in downtown Sioux Falls, has been recognized by Yelp! as one of the top 50 most dog-friendly restaurants in America.

On its website, Josiah's makes a point of advertising its dog-friendly status:

'Our local bakery is pet- and child-friendly, so bring your family in for a treat.' 

Josiah's provides water bowls, pup cups, and treats for their dog visitors and has even included photos of some of their four-legged visitors on their website.

It's also been a big selling point for Josiah's on Yelp! with more than ten percent of the 358 reviews mentioning the restaurant's dog-friendly status.

Not surprisingly, establishments in warm weather places like California, Florida, and Arizona dominated the top of the list of 'pup popular' places.


  1. Morrison Atwater Village - Los Angeles
  2. Hideaway House - Sedona, Arizona
  3. isa.bella Pizza, Pasta, Craft Beer - San Diego
  4. The Alchemist - Wilton Manors, Florida
  5. The Vox Kitchen - Fountain Valley, California
  6. Yellow Dog Eats - Windermere, Florida
  7. Tin Shed Garden Cafe - Portland, Oregon
  8. Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, South Carolina
  9. OHSO Brewery–Arcadia - Phoenix, Arizona
  10. Sunny Point Cafe - Asheville, North Carolina


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