In light of last week's hail storm, Jessie Schmidt of the Better Business Bureau in Sioux Falls says residents should be on the alert for "Storm Chasers."

"Those are organizations that go from state to state and storm to storm," Jessie says..  "Unfortunately, far too often these businesses do poor work and then leave town.  Last week's hail storm obviously is attracting Storm Chasers from around the country."

If you're need of car or home repairs, Schmidt offers this advice!

"The first thing you need to do is contact your insurance company.  Have an adjuster come out and take a look at the damage.  The next thing to do is do your homework on the organization that you hire.  Of course, at the Better Business Bureau---we recommend you go on line and choose an accredited business.  Look them up and find out their complaint history.  You are now an informed consumer."