No matter where you travel in Sioux Falls, you're bound to see tents set up by out-of-state storm chasers that specialize in dent repair.  Before signing an agreement to get the work done on your vehicle, Jessie Schmidt of the Better Business Bureau in Sioux Falls offers words of caution!

"That's exactly what many of these organizations do.  They go from city to city following storms.  I would tell anybody before you have anything done, the first thing you need to do and this relates to your home as well---talk to your insurance company first.  What advice are they giving you?  I have never seen as many paintless dent removers in our community as I have the last couple of weeks."

More than anything else, Jessie Schmidt urges residents to be cautious of some of these businesses.  "Sure, some of them are great!  But, others may not be.  Just do your research and make sure that you know exactly what you're entering into.  You need to protect yourself to the best of your ability."